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This Character Is Roleplayed By Lupin fan1.



Alina Lupin

Alina "Wolfie" Lupin (born on March 17th. 1999) is a student about to start her first year at hogwarts. She is in Gryffindor. She is a Half-Blood. She is ok with Pure-Bloods and Muggle-born. She is normally friendy and nice but can get very very mean. She is looking forward to DADA . and also Potions, even though she messes every potion up. Her animgus is a black wolf and her patronus was a lion now is a wolf.


Alina is the daughter of Remus J. Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks and the sister of Ted Lupin (older brother by 1 year.) Alina didn't know was that her dad passed down his lycanthropy (werewolf) to her. She found out at the age of 6 when she turned to a werewolf on a Full Moon. Alina has kept a secret about this from her friends, but not her family.She began showing her wizard powers at the age of 9 when she set fire to a tree when she got mad.


Alina is nice and a trouble maker, but like her father, Alina is always there for her friends and family. She studys hard for her O.W.Ls and she is a sneeky. She is brave and will never back down from a fight.


Alina is best friends with Erika Snape. She is also friends with Dawn Lighteh.

Maple wand

My wand


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