This is the Duelling Club. You may pick a person to challange and duel them.

You Duelling Instructors are Prof. Stone and Prof. Veasonay.

Duel ListsEdit

Current DuelEdit

  • Current none.

Duel RequestsEdit

Request here for a duel for Ex. Person1 requests to duel Person 2. then if both people say yes to duel then your duel will show yup on the Current Duel list. If one persons says no then this will show on your duel request Person1 requests to duel Person 2 (no).

  • Curently none.

Spells that you cannot useEdit

  • Avada Kedavra
  • Crucio
  • Imperio
  • Curses or any strong hexes are not allowed and is prohibited!

Duelling Example.Edit

Here is an Example for Dueling.

Veasonay: Levicorpus!

Stone: Stupefy!

Veasonay: Petrificus Totalus

Stone: Expelliarmus!

That is and example. Your duels don't have to be like this. This is just an example.

Duels/Roleplay SectionEdit

Duelling Club House Teams:Edit

Gryffindor Captain: Alina Lupin

  • Dawn Lighteh



  • (first person here)





Captain: Cherry Cliahan

  • (first person here)

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