Ginevra Davila-Hooks is the younger sister of the Headmistress. She was envious of her sister going to hogwarts before her. She was born the year after the Headmistress and went to school with Ginny and Luna, whom she seemed to like.

She was sorted into Slytherin house, as she believed in pure blood supremacy.This disgusted her parents,who disowned her, to keep their family dignified. Ginevra moved in with the Malfoys'. Because of her views, they got on rather well.

She liked being in Slytherin; she was a member of the Inquisitorial Squad and liked Umbridge. She docked many points off her sister. She had a Mahogany wand with unicorn tail hair, 16 inches. It was precious with a diamond on its handle.

She was a rather dim-witted young girl, and had no choice but to liase with Muggles.