About Remus J. LupinEdit

This charater is roleplayed by Lupin fan1.


Remus John Lupin is the current teacher for Patronus Class in hogwarts. He has a daugther named Alina Lupin, a Son named Ted Lupin. His wife was Nymphadora Tonks but he seperated from her. When he left he took Alina with him. When he was in Hogwarts, his house was Gryffindor.



Remus had a good childhood. When he was little he got bit by Fenrir Greyback, a werewolf, turing him also into one. He passed down is lycanthropy to Alina. He went to Hogwarts along with his friends and became a Maurder. He became a Prefect in his fifth year.


Remus was a good student. Unlike, the rest of the Maurders he didn't pick on many kids or tease them. His teachers liked him and he was a good student.


  • This is a real character is in Harry Potter. (you should know if you watch it.)
  • I know he dead in the Harry Potter Movies but not here.


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